Olympia Chapter

Care for the Cove

Our “Care for the Cove” campaign started as a result of decreasing wave quality in Half Moon Bay in Westport, WA. After much research, the Capitol Chapter in Olympia decided to launch an outreach program to educate our members and the public about the issues surrounding what was historically one of the best surf breaks in Washington State.

Half Moon Bay’s (also nicknamed “the Cove”) current status and history touch on coastal topics of emerging importance, including:

  • Long term impacts of shoreline armoring
  • Beach erosion
  • Sea level rise
  • Even dam impacts (on the Columbia!)


Since the start of this campaign, we have made significant progress. Some highlights include:

  • As part of our outreach efforts, we made three presentations to Washington Surfrider Chapters and one presentation to Westport’s City Council. We invite you to view this presentation by clicking HERE or clicking on the first slide to the right.
  • Coordinated with Abigail McCarthy, a UW graduate student, who used US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) data to conduct bathymetric GIS research
  • Met with USACE to urge them to dump sand in the Cove in accordance with a 1998 Surfrider legal agreement – the following is a map of allowable capacity for sand. According to talks with USACE, they planned to dump in blue areas in 2017.

  • Held a BBQ and scotchbroom removal party to celebrate the USACE’s announcement (click to read the press release) that they will replenish sand in the Cove using a small dredger (the Yaquina) in April 2017.