Join Stefanie Sekich-Quinn, Surfrider’s national Coastal Preservation Manager to chat climate change on June 29 at 7pm in the Barrel Room of Three Magnets Brewing Co.

Climate change is affecting the health and appearance of our favorite beaches. Rising sea levels are exceedingly impacting public access, recreation, healthy ecosystems and coastal development.  Since 1901, global seas have risen nearly 8 inches.  A recent study projected that sea levels could rise between 1 foot and 6 feet by 2100. Putting public and private infrastructure (roads, utilities, water treatment facilities, etc.) at risk.

In addition to sea level rise, climate change is altering the chemistry of our ocean. More than half of pollution emitted by burning fossil fuels is absorbed by ocean water.  As a result, high concentrations CO2 are causing the oceans to acidify. More acidic water is dissolving sea creatures’ protective shells. If climate change continues at its present rate, the pH level of the Earth’s oceans will decrease by 150 to 200 percent by 2100.

Come learn about Surfrider’s efforts to: influence and reform policies at the federal, state and local levels; advance climate change adaptation measures; and pursue more “on the ground work” such as dune planting, watershed/estuary restoration, planting Ocean Friendly Gardens.

Despite climate change being a heavy topic, Surfrider volunteers and Staff and doing amazing work around the county to proactively plan for climate change.  Join our conversation on June 29th!