Mark Rentfrow and Nathan Lomas with one of our Surfrider HOTYB canisters
Mark Rentfrow and Nathan Lomas with one of our Surfrider HOTYB canisters

Our meeting with City of Olympia’s Clean Team earlier this year was fun and informative! Nathan Lomas gave an enthusiastic overview of all the work the Clean Team does to keep our town clean and safe. In addition to removing graffiti, sweeping sidewalks, and picking up litter, they also empty and sort those blue recycling bins, clear drains and remove ice and snow, and help repair and improve our public areas.

Oly Surfrider has been working with the Clean Team to install our Surfrider cigarette butt canisters throughout downtown as part of our Hold On To Your Butts program. We were stoked to learn that the Clean Team loves our canisters, which are easier and safer to install, empty, and maintain than some of the canisters they’ve used in the past.

Clean Team members have continued to work with us for our regularly scheduled Downtown Butt Pickups, a new type of cleanup we’ve begun to compliment out HOTYB program. We walk the streets of downtown and pick up thousands of butts that don’t make it into our canisters before they have chance to get washed into the Sound.

A big thanks to Mark Rentfrow and Nathan Lomas from Clean Team for both the work they do and for coming to speak to our chapter. Also a huge thanks to Pizzeria La Gitana for the excellent food, service, and commitment to being Ocean Friendly!

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